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LR III powder

LR III powder


LR III powder, the ingredient of LR powder-related products, has been produced from dried powder of earthworm in Kiryu Co., Ltd. (Miyazaki, Japan) since the beginning of launching, 16 years ago. Kiryu Co. has only one manufacturing patent in Japan (Japanese Patent # 4808822, also granted international patents), and has investigated, bred, and earthworm related products since 1976.

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CPL (Cyclic Poly Lactate)



CPL (Cyclic Poly Lactate) is produced from natural lactate. Lactate is the raw material which is made from fertilized corn starch. Lactate is modified into CPL (Cyclic Poly Lactate) which is one of polylactate.

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For Pets Over 5: The Dr. Mammal Series

The Dr. Mammal Series


If your beloved dog or cat is over 5 years old, Dr. Mamar series. Anti-aging required in the world of pets. We want you to live well and live long, so we will support your pet’s health even more! The Dr. Mamar series uses the same raw materials as for humans. We will deliver safe and secure products.

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