I want you to live well and live long The Dr. Mammal Series

Only you can retain your pet’s good health!!

Have you ever wondered if your pet is getting old?
Do any of the following apply to your pet?

Crying loudly in the middle of the night
Leaving droppings outside of their litter box
Not responding when you call them
Stinky breath
Sleeping more than before
A glum-looking face
A dried-out coat
Aren’t your pets gets Polydipsia and polyuria?
Do they often stay still in the corner of the room?
Aren’t their eyes are cloudy?
Are they getting hit by things more often?
Waddling while they walk
Disinterested in taking walks
Over five years old
A feeling that you want to help them live longer and healthier

If you can think of even one, Dr. Mammal series


The Anti-Aging Products that Pet-Owners Need

In recent years, aging in the population of pet dogs and cats is increasing. According to a 2020 survey by the Japan Pet Food Association, the average lifespan of all dogs is 14.48 years and the average lifespan of cats is 15.45 years. Among dogs, miniature breeds tend to live the longest, while indoor cats have an average lifespan of 16.13 years versus only 13.57 years on average for outdoor cats. (Source: Japan National Survey of Dog and Cat Owners, Japan Pet Food Association)
Furthermore, both dogs and cats now live longer than they did even 10 years ago. When this increase in lifespan is converted to human years, the difference becomes many times greater. As with humans, aging of the pet population has led to an increase in the prevalence of illnesses, including lifestyle diseases. For this reason, health supplements are becoming a vital element of supporting healthy pet lives as we enter an era in which the lifestyles and eating habits of pets are diversifying along with those of their owners.

Do you know?
Cats and dogs gets older really fast than human.

Age chart of Cats and Dogs

Age of Cats and Dogs Age converted to human age
Small dogs
Medium dogs
large dogs
1 18 18 17 20
2 24 24 24 24
3 28 29 32 29
4 32 34 40 34
5 36 38 48 38
6 40 43 53 43
7 44 48 59 48
8 48 53 64 51
9 52 59 69 54
10 56 64 75 57
11 60 69 80 61
12 64 75 85 64
13 68 80 91 67
14 72 85 96 70
15 76 91 101 73
16 80 96 107 77
17 84 101 112 80
18 88 107 117 83
19 92 112 123 86
20 96 117 128 89

※ Age is just a guide

Cat and dog above banner, isolated on white background

What are supplements?

Supplements are a type of food product that supply additional nutrients lacking in the standard diets of their consumers. Many modern pet owners, even those who consider their pets as members of their families, might feel that giving supplements to pets is going a little overboard, but in fact pets are often especially in need of their benefits.
Supplements are a critical part of supporting the health of a pet. The biggest reason for this can first be observed when comparing wild animals to pets. When wild animals do not have enough of a certain nutrient, they must search for it in the natural world. Meanwhile, pets living with their owners are used to being given all of their food, but the nutrients they need vary depending on their environment, age, and other individual factors and continue to change over time. Therefore, if an owner is not sensitive to the changing needs of their pet, and doesn’t provide the necessary nutrients in appropriate amounts, malnutrition can go untreated. In this way, supplements are particularly important as they provide what pets are lacking but cannot get by themselves.
As dogs and cats age much more rapidly than humans, they need a variety of ways to ingest nutrients. Feeding your pet with supplements from an early age and continuing to do so as they grow older can lead to better sustained health.
We hope you’ll choose the products that will keep your loving dog or cat happy and healthy.


F animal hospital Director K.WAnimals are part of our families. These days, with populations of pets aging along with those of humans, anti-aging care and preventative veterinary medicine has been gaining attention under the idea that good health care starts before you get sick. We use supplements containing LR-III and unmodified type-II collagen at my veterinary clinic to help promote pet health and protect our precious, unspeaking family members.


The Dr. Mammal Series product list


Dorodoro Tondeike!
Keep your pet looking and feeling healthy with better blood circulation

【Product Features】:This pet health supplement is made primarily from freeze dried earthworm powder (LR-III) which contains 18 types of amino acids. Beneficial for various aspects of pet health including circulation, skin, coat, and kidney function. Also helps improve quality of life of older dogs and cats.

【Ingredient Information】:LR-III (freeze-dried earthworm powder) was developed based on over 40 years of research and using patented technology. This safe-to-ingest nutritional supplement has gained attention for helping various important bodily functions. LR-III for pets is made using the same ingredients as the human equivalent, and has been patented in 23 countries and regions.

【Type】:Tablets (Approx. 8 mm diameter and 3 mm thick)

【Quantity】:20 tablets

【Suggested Use】:Give two tablets per day per 8 kg of body weight. Split daily dose into two portions.

【Ingredients】:Reduced maltose starch syrup, dried earthworm powder, cellulose, calcium stearate

【Made In】:Japan

nドロドロ猫 粒

Dorodoro Tondeike! For Cats (Tablets)
Keeping playtime fun!

【Product Features】:This product balances LR-III (dried earthworm powder) with bamboo charcoal extract and is perfect for picky cats. The tablets’ small size makes them easy to give to older cats. Beneficial for various aspects of pet health including circulation, skin, coat, and kidney function.

【Type】:Tablets (Approx. 8 mm diameter and 2 mm thick)

【Quantity】:20 tablets

【Suggested Use】:Give one tablet per day per 4 kg of body weight.

【Ingredients】:Reduced maltose starch syrup, dried earthworm powder, cellulose, carbon powder pigment (bamboo charcoal), calcium stearate, silicon dioxide

【Made In】:Japan

nドロドロ猫 顆粒

Dorodoro Tondeike! For Cats (Powder)
Helping your pet feel young

【Product Features】:This product balances LR-III (dried earthworm powder) with bamboo charcoal extract and is perfect for picky cats. Its powder form makes it easy to give to older cats, ferrets, rabbits, and small birds. Beneficial for various aspects of pet health including circulation, skin, coat, and kidney function.


【Quantity】:21 g

【Suggested Use】:Give 1 spoonful using the included spoon (approx. 0.3 g) per day per 4 kg of body weight.

【Ingredients】:Dried earthworm powder (LR-III), dextrin, bamboo charcoal

【Made In】:Japan


Yotayota Tondeike!
Helping your pet move pain-free

【Product Features】:This product combines unmodified type-II collagen (derived from chicken cartilage) with glucosamine and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) to help protect dogs’ and cats’ joints.

【Ingredient Information】:
– Chicken-Derived Unmodified Type-II Collagen
This is the first collagen of its type to be derived from chicken breast bone cartilage and made safe for consumption. Heating or chemically processing collagen can modify its structure, which is why a special method is used to extract collagen from chicken cartilage without heating it. The resulting, unmodified cartilage can be directly absorbed into the human body.
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a natural (organic sulfur) nutritional compound found in nearly all living creatures. MSM helps cells quickly expel organic materials and therefore can alleviate various symptoms.
– Glucosamine
Glucosamine is a key compound in the formation of cartilage, ligaments, and connective tissues that act as cushions and help joints move smoothly.

【Type】:Tablets (Approx. 10 mm diameter and 4 mm thick)

【Quantity】:20 tablets

【Suggested Use】:Give one tablet per day per 10 kg of body weight.

【Ingredients】:Reduced maltose starch syrup, chicken breast bone cartilage extract, glucosamine hydrochloride salts, cellulose, methylsulfonylmethane, HPC, calcium stearate

【Made In】:Japan


Dr. Mammal Series Fermented Glucosamine
Helping your pet stay active

【Product Features】:Safe for pets with shellfish allergies! This supplement contains ingredients that support the formation of joint cartilage which may have thinned due to advanced age, obesity, or walking on artificial flooring. Made using fermented glucosamine derived from plants, not shellfish.

【Quantity】:30 tablets

【Suggested Use】:Give one tablet per day per 10 kg of body weight.

【Ingredients】:Fermented glucosamine (derived from corn), crystalline cellulose, calcium stearate, vitamin D

【Made In】:Japan


Dr. Mammal Series Sunchoke Inulin
Promoting overall health through gut health!

【Product Features】:Help your pet stay healthy by improving their intestinal fortitude!
This product is made from sunchokes grown with fermented enzymes as an organic fertilizer. The inulin in sunchokes helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract.

【Type】:Tablets (Approx. 8 mm diameter and 3 mm thick)

【Quantity】:30 tablets

【Suggested Use】:Give one tablet per day per 10 kg of body weight.

【Ingredients】:Sunchoke, calcium stearate

【Made In】:Japan

Recommended Feeding Methods