CPL Pure

CPL (Cyclic Poly Lactate) is produced from natural lactate. Lactate, which is produced by fermentation of starch in corn, is modified into one of poly lactate, CPL (Cyclic Poly Lactate).
CPL (Cyclic Poly Lactate) is formed by poly-condensation of lactate, leading to be linked into chain and closed at the both ends, which is different structure from lactate found in the muscle, leading to fatigue and pain.
CPL PURE is linked 3 to 23 of lactate monomers (C3H6O3) into ring- and helix-shape (circular shape) polymer, which provide different action and effect compared to original lactate monomer. A slight amount of the polymer is also found in our body. CPL (Cyclic Poly Lactate) has been shown physiological activities depended upon its size or shape, based on the several research to date.

Safety of CPL
Lactate oligomer CPL, as well as lactate monomer itself, is found in the body, indicating that CPL is thought as safety product. There are number of safety reports about CPL, such that it is show as high safety product by measuring body weight, and contents in blood, urine and organs in mouse after administration of lactate oligomer. *1
In addition, Poly Lactate in the body has been reported that it is degraded in 2 phases -enzymatic and non-enzymatic hydrolysis and metabolism. It change into mono-lactate at 1st hydrolysis, and then carbon dioxides and water 2nd hydrolysis in the many organs. *2

*1:Nagato et. al, Potency of oligo-lactate as functional food: availability in sustain and improvement of QOL, Associate journal of Japanese Society for Medical Use of Functional Foods, 5,159-166(2008)

*2:Food Safety Commission of Japan, Food and health impact assessment on Poly Lactate-based plastic instrument, containers and packaging of 2004

(Sited from Lactive Japan Corporation)

【Contents】 90 capsules: \13,000 + tax 300 capsules: \39,000 + tax

【Ingredients】Cyclic Poly Lactate (CPL), malt sugar, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC), Glycerin-fatty acid ester, calcium stearate, colorant (titanium oxide)

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