Cooperate mission

Synapse Co. supports high quality and healthy life which is not relying on only medical care, leading to contribution of societal development.

Top message


From the day of establishment in2000, our concrete concept for product developments is that we have provide high quality products with enough evidences to live high quality and healthy life without conventional medical treatment.

The conscious to heathy life is getting higher by aging in human and animals. Attention related to health will be change from “cure of disease” into “prevention of disease.” Therefore it is necessary for us to get effective dietary supplements since concept of medical treatment is not matched with improvement of quality of life, prevention of lifestyle diseases and prevention of functional decline by aging.

We appreciate that our customers are more than 2,000 in Japan, including individual clients, hospitals, animal hospitals, drugstores, herbal drugstore, and healthy food shop who have deep trust with us and high support for us.

For more support to live high quality and updated life, we try to improve QOL(Quality of Life) from by the support of “anti-aging” through development and sales of supplements for human and animals.

Since most priority issue for us is “Safety first”, our products are produced inside of Japan, so that we can deliver the products in the best condition.

For mutual thriving and prosperity of human and animals and longer healthy life, we try to provide comfortable, safe and reliable products and right information.

Corporate information

Company’s name Synapse Co. Ltd.
Address Head Office 3-29-13 Kengun Higashi-ku, Kumamoto city, Kumamoto
Phone: +8196-288-9887 FAX: +8196-288-9938
Tokyo office Osaka Office Overseas Office
President Representative director Miyuki Ueno
Foundation September 2000
Establishment July 2004
Capital \10,000,000
Services Planning, development, sales of dietary supplement for human and animals Sales of cosmetics and beauty equipment
Main bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Group Company ALICE Corporation Limited

Company’s history

September 2000 Foundation
Start selling “LUMBREN GOLD”, dietary supplement of LR powder for human
November 2002 Planning and sales of “LUNWAN tablet”, dietary supplements of LR powder for animals. Start trading with about 2000 of animal hospitals in Japan
July 2004 Incorporate as Synapse Co. Ltd. with a capital of \3,000,000.
September 2006 Launch dietary supplement for animals “Joyone” is made from UC-2 (undenatured collagen)
Launch “Lunwan L”, dietary supplements of LR powder for middle and large-sized dogs.
Launch “Lactywan” for animal, which is made from products of lactobacillus
Launch “Shampooone” for animal shampoo, which is made from horse oil and natural aroma oil.
February 2007 Increase our capital into \10,000,000
Change new trade name into “Synapse Co., Ltd.”
July 2009 Transfer the office to current address for expanding business
February 2010 Open the web shop “MYMYSHOP” in Rakuten
2011 Launch “Euglena Lacris” for human and “Euglena Lacris DOG&CAT” for animals, which is made from Euglena
July 2012 Launch “CLP2000” for human, which is made from CPL(Cyclic Poly Lactate)
January 2013 Launch “CLP PURE” for human, which is capsulated CPL(Cyclic Poly Lactate) for easily taking.
February 2013 Establish group company Synapse Health&Beauty Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
May 2013 Launch “CLP DOG&CAT” for animals, which is made from CPL(Cyclic Poly Lactate)